Buckle Up Wood Buffalo Technicians

Mikayla Bennett
Community Engagement Coordinator for Safe Community Wood Buffalo
"I have been a Child Passenger Safety Technician for 5 years and worked for Safe Community for 3 of those. Car seat safety first became relevant to me while I was pregnant with my first child. I wanted to make sure everything was right and had my seat inspected by a technician in town. That is when I realized how much could be involved in one car seat and moving forward when it was time to move to a convertible car seat I found myself researching and becoming so interested in all the different seats and really wanting to know more about the subject. I did my training to become a tech while I was pregnant with my second and discovered how much I loved sharing information, educating and empowering other parents with their car seats. My own children are now 5 and 3 and car seats are very relevant in my personal life as well. Child Passenger Safety is a passion of mine and I love being able to do this as part of my job!"
Lesley Pearcey
Car seat safety is my jam! I have been a technician now for 8 years & a technician instructor for 4 of those. When I first took the technician training, my oldest son was 4 years old & my youngest son was just 1 year old. Originally, I took the training as a part of a new position with Safe Community Wood Buffalo, but I soon realized I had so much to learn for my own children as well! I look back at pictures of my boys in their car seats & I am so thankful we were never involved in a crash. So many things I thought I was doing correctly with of course the opposite being true. That is what fuels my passion for child passenger safety, I enjoy sharing the information with others that definitely impacted my own life & in turn could potentially save their child’s life. Even though I no longer work directly for SCWB (Safe Community Wood Buffalo), you will still see me at clinics, teaching info sessions & from time to time answering questions online because I genuinely enjoy helping you transport child as safe as possible.
Toni Anderson
Injury Prevention Coordinator for Safe Community Wood Buffalo
"My name is Toni Anderson and I am a Child Passenger Safety Technician. Like most people, I started to think about car seats and car seat safety when I was pregnant with my first child. There were not a lot of resources in town at that time, so I did my best by reading my manual and searching online. When the opportunity arose in 2013, shortly after my second child was born, to take the training to become a car seat technician, I jumped at it! Later in 2016 while evacuated I was able to train again with the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. I have been involved with car seats in various roles over the years. I have been with Safe Community Wood Buffalo since September 2020 and I recently recertified my CPST training! While car seats are not my main role at SCWB you may see me around at events, checks, or clinics. I love helping people be safe, no matter their age."
Andrea Sieben
Volunteer Technician with Buckle Up Wood Buffalo
I have been a tech since 2019. I was interested in becoming a technician because I wanted to make sure my children were riding as safely as possible. I also wanted to help educate other parents about car seat safety (it's the teacher in me) and ensure their children were riding as safely as possible. I have four children of my own, which is helping me learn about all the different seats, and how well they fit (or don't fit) in different vehicles. As a mom, being a CPST makes me feel confident that my children are safe in the vehicle. As a teacher, I love to be continually learning, and being a CPST is a great way to do so.
Currently all of our Technicians have completed their training through the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada. Lesley Pearcey is also an Instructor and does training courses to certify new technicians. There are many other technicians in our area that may not be listed or participate with Buckle Up Wood Buffalo at this time. If you are interested in joining us visit the training section of the website.