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CPST Training

CPST - Child Passenger Safety Technician

Are you interested in becoming a CPST?

Once training is completed and passed you will be certified under the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada as a Child Passenger Safety Technician. CPST training is a 3 day course comprised of both in class learning and a practical portion. You will be immersed in all the stages of car seats, installation, fit to vehicle/child, seatbelts, airbags, crash forces, parent and caregiver communication, etc. There is a large amount of information to be covered when talking about child passenger safety as a whole.
"I enjoy sharing the information with others that definitely impacted my own life & in turn could potentially save their child’s life." -Lesley Pearcey

Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor (CPST-I)

Lesley Pearcey - Volunteer, CPST-I
Lesley has been a CPST for 8 years and an Instructor for 4 years. Child Passenger Safety is one of her passions and we are so lucky to have her training new technicians in the Woof Buffalo Region. She not only teaches the course but provides ongoing support and friendship to technicians throughout their time as a CPST, this ongoing support has been very beneficial in our local tech community. If you are interested in becoming a technician and do not see any opportunities for training please reach out and express your interest and we will ensure you are notified when a course becomes available.