The purpose of the event is to welcome and inform newcomers, including recent immigrants, or others who are not accustomed to what our Northern Alberta winter entails. Families of adults and children of all ages are invited to attend to learn helpful tips and gain a better understanding of how to brave what winter may bring.  

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Topics include how to safely winterize your car, how to dress you and your children for below zero, freezing temperatures, what is flu season and how can I be ready? What can we do to have fun during winter?   These questions and more will be answered along with great giveaways and door prizes.

Of course there will be fun activities for the kids and refreshments everyone. As a apart of the event as well organizations who will be involved such as Safe Community Wood Buffalo, the Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo, YMCA Immigrant Services, the HUB, Alberta Motor Association, and ATCO Gas will have the opportunity to set up information booths around the perimeter of the room for the perusal of participants to gain more information on the topics discussed and general information about the organizations represented.


Yes, winter is long and it is cold, yes, at times it can be strenuous, and maybe aggravating but the truth of the matter is - all of us up here in the North region of this fine country of Canada really do LOVE THE WINTERS HERE!