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Many of the adjustments CPSTs make to correct car seat misuse during an inspection, is due to the caregiver's failure to follow the steps laid out by the car seat or vehicle manufacturer.  It is extremely important to read your CAR SEAT & VEHICLE manuals when preparing to install and use your child safety seat.  There are many brands of car seats available in today's market, they all have different specifications for how the seat is to be installed and used.  Your vehicle owners manual will have a section dedicated to child restraints, including information on where and how they can be safely installed in your specific vehicle.  

A properly used car seat can reduce the risk of injury to a child involved in a collision by 71%.  Missing steps in the installation instructions or failing to properly secure your child can have catastrophic results.  Along with reading the manuals it is important that you use your car seat properly on every ride.  Even a collision of under 50Kms can be very dangerous for a child.  

If you have questions regarding your car seat installation please reach out to a CPST.

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